About Us

We have been in business since 2015, working with both commercial and residential clients to handle different excavation projects. Our company has received recognition for undertaking different projects in diverse market segments. It does not matter if you have a large or small project; we are here to help you and ensure that you get the best outcome.



Our vision, as the best excavation business in Seguin, TX, is to transform the excavation services space by offering custom services that stand out and make a difference in the market and to our customers. We want to positively impact our community by ensuring that all the services we offer are transformative.


Our company’s overall values are integrity, honesty, accountability, trust, and boldness. We will comply with the regulatory requirements that apply to the company’s business and its operation. We train our workers to work with the highest ethical standards and take responsibility for their actions.


Our mission is to help local businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and institutions achieve their goals and grow to the best that they can. We also want to focus on offering quality and continuous improvements in the industry to build more substantial homes and businesses for future generations.

What We Do

We are an all-around skilled and equipped company that can handle various excavation services. Our versatility helps ensure that our clients get the service they want and in the best way. Here is a look at the services that we offer.


Before handling any construction project, you need to level and clear the site. That ensures that the ground where the structure will be is ready. In addition to offering earthwork for your project, we handle all jobs that come along, from digging trenches in your yard to large-scale civil and commercial projects like roads and mines; we have got you covered.

Our team is trained to handle any earthwork project and complete it within the shortest time possible. We understand that this stage is the backbone of any project, and if it is not correctly handled, it might compromise the entire project.

Land Clearing

If you are working on virgin land, you might need to clear the ground to have ample space for the project. We understand this, so we will start by removing the vegetation and rocks that might be on the land. We don’t just clear the foliage but also get rid of those deep roots.

Our goal is to ensure that the land is ready for the construction project. We also remove any topsoil that might get eroded to prevent drainage issues.

Excavation Site Work

Before starting a project, you will have to take some time to survey the land. Once the task gets approved, we will work with you to survey and excavate the site. That means that we will demolish any pre-existing structures with great care so that we do not cause any damage to the surroundings.

We will also haul the dirt away to make it easier for you or your engineers to work on your project without complications. Our professionals also ensure that you have a clean site that will fast-track the project.

Who We Serve

We work with different clients, and we can handle different projects. Are you a homeowner, contractor, developer, or ranch owner in Seguin, Texas? We are here to help you. Here’s a summary of what we do.

Residential Clients

We work with residential clients and contractors building new homes by clearing the land and preparing the site for the project. We help create the ideal site for your project to have a strong foundation and ensure that you do not get issues like water seeping into the ground. We will also help with the excavation if you want to build an in-pool for your home.

Commercial Clients

If your business needs to add a new underground utility line or a new premise, we will work with your contractors to ensure you get the best outcome. We will build ditches and trenches that will help you with the project. We will also examine the trenches to guarantee safety. Even when you want to update your landscape or build an underground pool, Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services is here for you.

Farm and Ranch Clients

We also do agriculture excavation for farms and ranches. We will work with you and ensure that your land is ready for the agriculture project. With our help, you will be successful in the project.

Why We Stand Out

At Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services, we offer the best service for our clients. Here are other reasons to consider our service.

Trained and Certified

Our professionals are trained and certified to handle all excavation machines and projects. We will also adhere to the required excavation and environmental codes and standards.


When dealing with a project that requires excavation, you should work with an experienced company. Since we have been in the industry for a long time, we have the skills and knowledge to handle various excavation projects.


We understand that excavation is essential for your project, and if it delays, your whole project will wait. That is why we thrive to offer reliable services and work within the set time. If you choose us, you will not worry about getting delayed services.

Get In Touch With The Best!

At Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services, we give our clients quality, affordable, and reliable excavation services in Seguin, Texas. Our skilled team and the latest machines ensure that your project is flawless, giving you the best outcome value for your money. Reach out to us today at 210-446-6385 to work with the best excavation contractors.