Excavation Services

Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services is one of the leading earthwork providers in Seguin, Texas. Years in the industry have sharpened our skills and experience. We provide customers with superior excavation and related services that are tailored to their needs. We can bring our heavy equipment to help you finish the task quickly. Before starting on any project, we clarify our goals and polish our plans to guarantee excellent results. If you need to dig in a property, then give us a call. Our professional staff members are ready to answer your questions and schedule an onsite appointment.

Moving dirt is what we do best. Our job is essential at many construction sites, particularly in the early stages.

As specialists, we are called in to prepare the ground before builders come to create the structure. We know how important it is to stick to timelines, so we work fast to give the development a great start. We employ advanced heavy equipment in every project to push the pace while improving accuracy and efficiency. Our loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, compactors, trenchers, and skid steers have proven their worth, especially in the hands of our expert operators. 

Residential Construction Lot Cutting

It is rare to find an ideal site. Most places need a significant amount of work prior to construction. For example, trees and other forms of vegetation may have to be cut down to clear the land. Stumps may require grinding to move them out of the way. Existing structures, such as old houses, sheds, and pools, may also have to be demolished to make way for the new house. Once everything is gone, builders will reassess the terrain and plan the next steps. Every project is unique, so preparation depends on what the site requires.

If the ground is not level, then excavators may cut through the lot to remove the rise. The soil obtained from this operation can then be used to fill parts of the property that are too low. This should help prevent flooding and create a better canvas for the builders to work with. The layout of the structure must be accurately set out. The excavators can then dig deep for the basement, foundation, septic installation, plumbing, and water control services. This used to be a labor-intensive task, but heavy equipment has made it possible to do the same work faster with a few operators.

Excavation for Utility Ditches

Utility companies often need to build their infrastructure underground. The network of pipes and lines can span hundreds of miles or more, with most of them hidden from view. This saves precious space in cities and improves sanitation. However, creating ditches for utilities is a challenging endeavor. Utility companies must move a large amount of earth, so they usually call on excavators to get the job done. We dig the trenches to provide space for sewer lines, water lines, electrical cables, gas pipes, stormwater drainage, and anything else that needs to go under the surface.

Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services can do all the excavation work that satisfies the needed length, width, and depth for the project. We can also perform the backfilling once the materials have been laid down to hide the pipes from view. Our machines can do the compaction necessary to make sure that the surface is level, with almost no trace that prior work was done in the area. Aside from large utility companies, individual homeowners may need this service to connect the lines from their main home to a secondary structure. Developers may also call for excavation when installing utilities in their projects. 

Digging Stock Ponds & Retention Ponds

Water features can increase the appeal of a property. They break the monotony of the land and attract wildlife such as birds to the lot. Natural ponds and lakes can be developed into primary features by improving the landscape surrounding them. It is also possible to build these bodies of water from scratch with the help of excavation contractors. It will all depend on the size of the property and the suitability of the area for this kind of project. Be sure to look for an experienced contractor to conduct the site assessment.

Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services has dealt with multiple projects that involve digging stock ponds and retention ponds. We’ll be happy to show you samples of what we have done in the past to demonstrate our capabilities. Tell us what you would like to accomplish for your property and we will share our ideas on how to make it happen. Our experts will assess the soil, water sources, and environmental impact to provide you with suitable options. We can handle ponds of any size and any shape. We’ll make sure that it is beautiful, functional, and sustainable. If you like our design, then we can get to work right away. Expect professionalism from start to finish.

Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services

Construction requires a lot of preparation. Builders can’t just bring out the hammers when the land is not yet primed for the structure. They must first remove unwanted vegetation and other obstacles. They also need to check the condition of the surface and the subsurface. If they are satisfied, then excavators will level the ground by cutting and filling wherever necessary. They will dig for the foundations, utility lines, and landscape features as well. All of these could take a long time for manual labor. Finish faster with the help of specialists like Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services.

We provide land clearing and excavation services to a wide variety of clients. In our past projects, we served residential lot owners, commercial contractors, developers, home builders, and farm owners. Our knowledgeable personnel can take on any type of earthwork, including excavation for lot cuts when building new homes, utility ditches for utility contractors, and stock ponds for property improvement. We offer our services to residents of Seguin, Tx, and beyond for up to 150 miles. If your project is within the area, then call us at 210-446-6385. Let’s discuss the details and see how we can help.