Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services provides site work solutions in Seguin, Texas. The company’s dedication and work ethic have enabled us to build an excellent reputation in the region. We make it a point to ensure customer satisfaction in everything we do. We tailor our services to fit the requirements of each project. With our large array of heavy equipment, we can always bring whatever is necessary for each job. This produces great results and faster finish times. There will be no worries about costly delays. If you need site work services, give us a call and schedule an appointment.    

At Clark’s Dirt & Excavation Services…

Sitework gets properties ready for construction. This preliminary work is essential in making sure that the project will be a success. Clearing, grading, leveling, and installing drainage solutions are labor-intensive processes. Performing these tasks may take time, but the result will make the next stages go by much faster. These also guarantee superior outcomes for the structure in terms of lifespan, integrity, and performance. Sitework specialists can reduce the necessary manpower by deploying various heavy equipment for each task and using techniques that get the job done faster than usual.

We welcome a wide variety of clients into the office. We have completed projects for residential lot owners who want to build new homes or add new structures to their properties. We have also done work for different contractors and developers who were erecting tall buildings in the area. Farm and ranch clients have asked us for help in their own endeavors, as well. Indeed, site work is a highly sought-after service. If you need assistance in installing concrete roads, drainage culverts, drainage pipes, or other utilities, then give us a call at 210-446-6385. We serve Seguin, TX, and nearby areas for up to 150 miles.

Preparation for Concrete Roads

Concrete roads are ideal for paths that expect heavy use. These have a longer lifespan than other types of road surfaces. If properly built, they can last for many decades with minimal maintenance. Rain, snow, and sun will not put a dent on these. They will shrug off extreme weather and provide a great riding experience year-round. Concrete roads can also be laid on any subgrade. However, building them will require significant preparations, such as clearing the path, shaping it as necessary, and leveling the subgrade. Sitework specialists are often called in to ensure that the project adheres to the required grade and profile.

Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services can perform all the site work tasks necessary to create a good road. With our specialized equipment and experienced operators, we can complete every project quickly with excellent results. Our past clients can attest to our speed and efficiency. Once we are done preparing the subgrade, the road builders can come in and place the forms on level ground. Their job will be much easier, so the rest of the construction should flow smoothly. They will be able to pour concrete without any problems while adhering to the schedule and the budget.   

Installing Drainage Culverts

Culverts are structures that allow water to pass through obstacles. These usually go under an elevated part of the ground, with the top of the sides covered in soil. These small tunnels are often used to provide cross drainage through roads, railroads, and the like. They may also be used to pass electrical cables from one side to the other. Installing these can be tricky since you need to maintain the integrity of the structure above it while you dig. The culverts chosen must also be strong enough to withstand the pressure, particularly if there are moving vehicles overhead. 

Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services has years of experience installing drainage culverts. We employ proven techniques to put these tunnels in place no matter the obstacles. With our help, you can ensure the uninterrupted flow of water through the new path. The size and complexity of the site work will depend on the design. Some places will only require a single modest cylinder, while others might need a row of culverts because of the expected water flow. We will do whatever is necessary to create these while respecting other structures in the vicinity.   

Installing Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes and sealed septic solutions are crucial to sanitation. These typically flow through their own underground lines. Sitework specialists can dig the ground to make the installation of drainage pipes easier. With the help of professionals, property owners can expect optimal functionality and excellent reliability. We will check the site for existing lines that might interfere with the planned project and find ways to go around them. We can install the drainage pipes while ensuring that the lines are clear and free-flowing. Our team will do everything to reduce the risk of clogs and breakage.

Clarks Dirt & Excavation Services can help anyone with drainage when developing a new house or building. We can also serve those who are expanding their homes with additions on the property. We will make sure to do it right from the start, so you won’t have to deal with common problems in the future. We can also help with site work for the installation of other utilities. If you wish to avoid unsightly overhead cabling, then keep things underground for cleaner construction. Just be sure to find experienced contractors like Clarks that have experience in creating the necessary utility trenches.